Sukhoi, Su-57 “Felon”, RuAF


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Sukhoi Su-57 “Felon”
Stealth multirole fighter

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Sukhoi-57 is a modern aerospace product of the Russian PAK FA program. On one hand, most of us know very little about the Su-57, but scientists at NATO certainly know better. So the nickname “FELON” given to him by NATO reveals his virtues, and maybe this particular code name denotes admiration, positive impression, rare aggressiveness, impressive toughness or dangerous skills for the «enemy». On the other hand, we know that the Su-57 is a fully multi-functional 5th-generation jet fighter that carries a patented stealth technology and has inherited most of the superb flight dynamics characteristics of its predecessors in supersonic speeds while having the capability to assault air, ground and sea targets successfully.

On top of that, the cockpit design of the Su-57 facilitates even more the pilot’s actions. The latest interoperability systems ease the pilot’s understanding of “Situation Awareness”. Moreover, an intelligent system onboard lightens up the pilot’s workload.

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