Panavia Tornado IDS, RSAF


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Panavia Tornado IDS
Royal Saudi Air Force, 7 Sq, AB: Dhahran. Red.:№7519
Multirole combat aircraft

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A special selection of colour schemes on the Panavia Tornado IDS multirole fighter jet, designed with the proper theme, for celebrating the 90th anniversary of the National Saudi Day, in 2020.

Royal Saudi Air Force: الْقُوَّاتُ الْجَوِّيَّةُ الْمَلَكِيَّةْ ٱلسُّعُوْدِيَّة
Saudi National Day: اليوم الوطني للمملكة العربية السعودية
2020 September 23: 90 lunar cycle years, instead of solars (1932 – 2020)

The Saudi National Day, on the 23rd of September, each year, is a reminder of the unification of two Kingdoms, Nejd and Hejaz, and the establishment of the modern Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, under the Reign of King Abdul Aziz Al Saud and the Royal Decree He issued in 1932. That unification bears the stamp of His Majesty, a visionary King, who perpetuated the success of his ancient ancestors’ trade and civilisation into today’s highly sophisticated international economic environment.


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