Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II, USAF


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5th generation, Stealth, multirole fighter jet

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The F-35 fighter jet, an audacious goal, is another achievement of Lockheed Martin and a milestone in the evolution of aeronautical science. 

The purpose of the F-35 design is to be a 5th generation, multi-role and stealth fighter.

Stealth property minimises the trace of an aircraft in the screens of airspace surveillance radars and IR detectors. The stealth property of the F-35 relies on three techniques:
– on the inclined surfaces
– on the reflector Luneburg lens
– on an absorbing electromagnetic energy material to coat the outer surface

The “5th generation” term signifies an aircraft with survivability characteristics and effectiveness in modern warfare. To this end, an electronic intelligence (ELINT) system is onboard for managing electronic warfare data. The TR-3 software supports the ELINT system’s capability. In turn, the ELINT system manages and analyses entire streams of radar signals between manned and unmanned systems.

The onboard computer allows interoperability between the aircraft and critical units of forces on land  and sea, thus increasing the effectiveness of a country’s air defence.

Indeed, all these capabilities can enable pilots to constantly maintain “situational awareness” of the warfare environment in connection with their aircraft.

Lockheed Martin’s goal for the F-35 is to have the lowest possible total cost for every possible mission outcome. If this also happens, the F-35 will be the most advanced and capable US fighter jet.

We will have reached a milestone in aeronautics if the above proves well coordinated with precision and that future cost-benefit analysis will justify the designers’ intent. Then, many countries will be willing to buy this stealth fighter. In support of our writing, we note that even peaceful, militarily neutral Switzerland in the remote, precipitous Swiss Alps signed a contract to buy 36 F-35A Lightning II aircraft.

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