Beriev, Be-12P-200


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Beriev, Be-12P-200
Aerial Firefighting Amphibious Aircraft

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Design group: OKB Beriev
Built by: Beriev (Irkut)
Maiden flight: 9 August 1996
Status: Discontinued
Primary users: EMERCON Russian
Produced:  1996
Number built: One (1)

It was developed by Beriev’s Design Bureau as a targeted conversion from the amphibious aircraft Be-12 Mail, to accommodate the rising operational needs of aerial firefighting.

It was the aerial firefighting testing platform for the Be-200 aircraft, which was, then, under development. The Be-12P-200 could collect six metric tons of water, during the water-scooping mode, in just 15-20 seconds. The upper wave height limit at which the aircraft could attempt the water-scooping operation was 0.8 meters.

In 1996 the aircraft passed the tests successfully and was used in aerial firefighting missions for the next two years.

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