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Tu-160M2 Blackjack
Supersonic strategic bomber

Tu-160M2 - it is a deeply modernized version of the Tu-160 (M) Blackjack. The main differences concern the cockpit, power plant, armament warehouses of electronics board and also given great importance to the reduction of Blackjack trace. 

The modernized version of Blackjack M2 will join services, not before 2023 and will remain in service until 2063. 






1. It has the latest generation of electronic systems (such as a long-range navigation system and other new generation subsystems). 2. Flight refuelling probe extended. 3. Consists of a four crew comprised the pilot, the co-pilot, the navigation officer and the officer weapon system. 4. The structure and or wing, bring specific depths technology "Stealth". 5. The Blackjack has two weapons bay, with a total capacity of 40.000 kg. 6. Power Plant NK-32 after-burning turbofan engines. 

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