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Mi-28UB Training-and-Combat version


In 2016, the Ministry of Defense of Russia signed a contract with JSC "Helicopters of Russia" to purchase 40-60 Mi-28UB. Under the terms of the contract until the end of 2018, the Russian VKS (former VVS) will receive the first 24 helicopters Mi-28UB. It is equipped with a double flight control system on the basis of hydromechanical systems. So the helicopter can be controlled from any cockpit. This system is absent from the version Mi-28N. A more spacious lower cockpit to house a flight instructor, a wider pilot canopy, and new energy-absorbing crew seats.

The main difference from the helicopter Mi-28N:




1. Radome. Radio command unit for Shturm / Ataka missiles. 2. FLIR-TV camera. 3. GOES-520 pilot observation systems, LLLTV and FLIR (Swiveling optical system turret). 4. 2A42 Chain Gun 30mm automatic cannon (cannon elevating +13deg depressing -45deg). 5. It increased the size of the front of the cabin, as well as extended rear canopy. 6. Landing gear: Tricycle one wheel not cleaned landing gear. 7. Radar type NO25 "Arbalet". 8. Station setting jamming. 9. Inboard stores pylon. 10. VK-2500-2 turboshaft engine. 11. Triple-lobe infrared suppression exhaust nozzle. 12. Building the helicopter was slightly modified and improved in several points. 13. Communications antenna. 14. Antenna satellite navigation system. 15. Communication antenna. 16. Gearbox cooling air intake. 17. Vertical stabilizer. 18. Two-position tailplane (sink-elevator). 19. Asymmetric (noise attenuation) "squashed-X" tail rotor. 20. Right-angle final drive gearbox. 21. Castored tail wheel.

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