About Us

The purpose of www.e-redstar.net is to provide the public with the opportunity to buy rare aircraft illustrated studies, commercial aircraft leaflets and other works in electronic format of significant scientific interest at affordable prices.
The extensive use of photographs, detailed drawings, and explanatory illustrations coupled with the limited use of text is an attempt to facilitate greater ease of understanding for the reader while enabling him to form his own opinion most honestly and indisputably.
www.e-redstar.net first appeared on the web as www.e-redstar.com in 2012 selling the booklet “Amphibious Aircraft in Aerial Firefighting”. It is the first work as an illustrated comparative study between Beriev Be-200ES and Bombardier CL-415 Superscooper of a series of comparative studies of military aircraft and helicopters which will eventually populate the e-redstar.net e-bookshop. Beriev Be-200ES and Bombardier CL-415 Superscooper represent two different schools of aeronautical design and apart from being the epicentre of aerial firefighting debates are also the sole aeroplane gladiators battling for their survival in an ever-challenging international niche market of the 21st century. Which will finally prevail?
The works offered at the site are conspicuous for their simplicity, high aesthetics and accuracy while maintaining, at all times, the engineering approach and the scientific style dictated by the nature of the subjects.
The authors wish to relay to readers their enthusiasm, experience and knowledge of a discipline that is considered by many to be more of an art than a science.
We aim equally at the specialists and the less informed, about aeronautical science, readers. The procurement officers who seek an initial and unbiased presentation of an aircraft before any tender publication may find our work helpful. The aircraft model makers who need detailed photos of the less exposed parts and systems may find our work enlightening. The inquisitive taxpayer may find it most informative. 
A note to the reader in www.e-redstar.net: We maintain independence and impartiality by not accepting advertisements, donations or any other means of subsidies. Our sole source of income stems from selling the works of the founders, and we would highly appreciate your recommendation to friends and colleagues to continue supplying you with similar products. 


Constantinos Panitsidis has graduated from the Kiev International University of Civil Aviation as an Aircraft and Aeroengines Maintenance-Mechanical Engineer. He is the author of dozens of monographs, several hundred articles on aviation and defence systems and six special theme articles on aerial firefighting. He has published his articles in magazines while some of his futuristic illustrations were printed on the front cover of high-circulation magazines. He is the author and publisher of the book “The Power of the Skies” and the bilingual dictionary for engineers available for free in electronic format from his other website at www.redstar.gr; a highly regarded site within the aviation and kit model enthusiasts. He is also a co-founder of the successful e-shop www.e-redstar.net. Throughout his career, he has made many painting pattern propositions for privately owned planes and helicopters. Some of the previously mentioned propositions are exhibited permanently at his www.redstar.gr. He has also been involved in exploiting novel ideas on unmanned aerial vehicles and provides advice to entrepreneurs who wish to invest in the design and production of UAV.

Georgios Maridakis is a graduate of Aeronautical Engineering from Queen Mary College, University of London and holds a postgraduate degree in Applied Mathematics. He specialises in the stability and control of aircraft and helicopters. He has worked as a dynamic system analyst in both the civil and military sector. He is the co-founder of a successful cubic-logic-toy company www.v-cubes.com and has been involved in many diverse subjects. His main field of activity is aircraft flight dynamics.